2 ~ The Resurrection

by glamgalconfessions

Oz: The Great & Powerful Fundraiser ~ Mattel Toy Club Fundraisers  Exhibitions ~ Halloween Doll Extravaganza

It has been some time since my last confession, and by default have done so on the birthday of the fashion doll that started my collecting habit, so it is fitting in resurrection with rising from the ashes of a rather heady last five months.

For  those in Melbourne, I have organised a group booking for Oz: The Great & Powerful which has just hit screens around Australia with this being a fundraiser for cancer research in memory of a beloved member of the ‘Fashion & Celebrity Doll Collectors’ and dear friend Damian Wood at the Palace Balwyn Cinema, next Sunday, March 17th.

Please call or email confirmation ASAP, as numbers must be in by 6pm this Monday, 11th March. Also, adding a request inspired by member Joan Taylor with the idea of wearing red shoes as a ruby slippers homage for our favourite Dorothy at his funeral, and in being late notice then, making it so for this.  Red shoes, piece of red clothing or red accessory, even red lippy, and the latter does not exclude any males as anyone not complying shall be awarded a red lip smack from me or others wearing same, so get red or ready! 😉

Please note this event is not exclusive to friends of Damian or those that knew him, all are welcome to come along in raising funds for cancer research, and enjoy with a pre-movie soiree in a reserved area prior to the 2 – 2.30pm screening at approximately 1.30pm. Also, the Oz: The Great & Wonderful dolls have been spotted in Target for $29, and I keep telling myself “NO” in seeing photos online but the Oz doll with his outfit, and accessories of miniature China doll, top hat and bag, have me more than tempted for the attention to details.

Next up we have our first Mattel Toy Club Fundraiser for 2013 the following Friday, March 22nd 4pm – 8pm and tickets are still available which can be mailed or even picked up at the movie fundraiser. The link includes all dates for 2013, so please email or call to reserve tickets for any of the dates with the hope that interstate members and visitors will also coincide with a trip to Melbourne.

For fans of fashion, style and ‘Sex In The City‘, Chadstone Shopping Centre is hosting a free exhibit New York City Style till March 31st featuring 20 iconic outfits curated by Patricia Field, show stylist and fashion guru. Yet to see personally, so including a blog link which highlights the exhibit.

The National Gallery of Victoria together with the Australian Ballet presents Ballet & Fashion, a free exhibition celebrating the creative collaboration between dance and design. The exhibition will display over 20 works from the past three decades by renowned international and Australian fashion designers including Giles Deacon, Collette Dinnigan, Akira Isogawa, Valentino, Rei Kawakubo, Christian Lacroix, Vanessa Leyonhjelm, Toni Maticevski, Richard Nylon, Easton Pearson, Ralph Rucci and Viktor&Rolf. Open till Sunday, 19th May NGV Gallery hours: Wednesday to Monday, 10am-5pm.
Another free exhibit, this time in Brisbane, opening March 28th and ongoing till December 31st is Collectomania and is akin to the project run here at the Melbourne Museum years ago which our group was involved with and featured a collector or collector’s group each month. The Brisbane exhibition at the Queensland Museum is all inclusive with many collections on show for an extended period including Barbie, and a great opportunity for those interstate to coincide with any travel plans. Reading about the fingernail collection had me raise an eyebrow, though I am very excited to read there will be a collection of artifacts from Brisbane’s iconic Regent Theatre which sadly closed it’s doors in 2010 to make way for a multi-storey development. Worth the trip alone for me with my love of architecture and classic buildings, let alone the collector aspect and plan to go up later this year at some stage. Link with archival photos and current development progress.  *curses*

Focusing on happy thoughts, as Melbourne has two major exhibitions coming to town this year, the much anticipated V&A Hollywood Costume Exhibition to be hosted at ACMI which in reading the information and watching videos, looks absolutely amazing not only for the items on display, also from a curatorial aspect in not just being costumes on mannequins of which highlights can be seen in this link.

Excites me more than words can express because a truly great exhibition is about the experience, and too many I have seen over the years have not lived up to expectations, especially with consideration to the ticket prices paid and marketing.

The V&A is one of my favourite places on earth as is ACMI, so when I shared the news last year that ACMI would be hosting, I already pre-purchased the multi pass in my mind knowing it will be an exhibit I will be seeing over and over again! To see the Ruby Slippers up close and personal, along with so many costumes I have worshipped on screen and in books, they will definitely need more than a second look. I will be posting more updates about the exhibition as they come to hand, and also looking forward to the Hollywood Costume Events Program, which has some iconic movies, talks and presentations on offer.

A side note about two of the movies ‘Les Girls’ and ‘Auntie Mame’, in highlighting the Australian element of this exhibit with costume designer Orry Kelly who originally hailed from NSW.  He may not come to mind as easily as Edith Head, Adrian or Travilla when it comes to famous Hollywood designers of the era but an award winning designer he was and quite prolific with too many classics to mention but listed in this link with his bio.  This blog link is of interest in showing original fashion sketches as is this link in discussing Orry’s design technique, materials used, and in dressing one of my faves, Bette Davis, and the creation of her look.

Also, one of the talks offered in the program Dressed to Kill: The James Bond Chronograph leads perfectly into the next much anticipated exhibit coming later this year, for which I can hear the bellowing intro of Goldfinger as I type! Designing 007 – Fifty Years of Bond Style Exhibition celebrates the golden anniversary of James Bond, and will run from the 1st November 2013 to the 23rd February 2014. Highlights from the exhibition plus one more video to entice just that little bit more.


The big news is that the Halloween Doll Extravaganza is finally making a comeback to it’s former glory this year on Sunday, October 27th at the Malvern Banquet Hall (side hall to the main Town Hall), corner Glenferrie Road and High Street, Malvern. Show time will be from 10am till 4pm with a themed display (TBA), and bringing back the ‘Doll Fashion Awards’ in full swing highlighting the creative element of dolls from custom designs to fashion styling, for all ages and levels of experience with an online element. I will be uploading entry form to the website first week of April and for those wanting to enter, never too early to register interest.

AND last but not least, today marks Barbie’s 54th birthday with her debut March 9, 1959 at the ‘American International Toy Fair’ in New York, and like the classic song ‘New York, New York’ states… “If you can make it there…you can make it anywhere!”

Mary K. 😉