Welcome to GlamGal Confessions, which is the new online version of the Fashion Doll News sent out via email, to Australian and international collectors with an interest in Fashion and Celebrity dolls since 1999.

The aim is share information and thoughts, with the hope that those who do not abide by the faith, gain insight into the fun of doll collecting and how it encompasses childhood memories, fashion history, art, celebrity, pop culture, fantasy, and so much more.

Feel free to leave comments along with additional links and information in relation to posts. Though please note, my opinions are just that, and while I am always open to differing or opposing thoughts, makes for interesting discussion; keep it polite as “I’m a lady”, and one with swift Ninja moves that knows how to crack a whip when it comes to tongue lashings!

I believe in the power of play regardless of age, that a collection is not about the amount be it number or value, that no doll should be ever be re-labelled to make them “okay” for boys, and overall, no more segregation of toys for girls or boys! It’s time for all social stigmas surrounding doll and toy collecting to be diminished and that is my mission!

So in salute to the immortal countdown and words of Jeff Tracy (father of Scott Tracy, my first true love at six years of age), “5, 4, 3, 2, 1…GlamGal Is GO!”

Mary K. (aka Lady M.)

Disclaimer: This blog site is in no way affiliated with any person, brand or company mentioned, nor is it’s intention to offend or cause any harm. These are merely the musings and rants from a collectorholic’s perspective who is fed up with all the hype and stereotypes.